The Benefits of Mediation

Attorney Helene Bernstein encourages clients to use the mediation process whenever possible.  Though mediation does not work for every couple, it is an effective method many use when hoping to separate amicably from their spouse.  It eliminates much of the stress, mental hardship, and financial strain of going through a lengthy courtroom battle when getting divorced.  It also allows you to have a greater say in the decisions that affect your life for years to come—couples who work with a mediator can voice their concerns in an open environment where everyone has agreed to cooperate with one another.

Simulated Divorce Mediation

As a qualified mediator, Ms. Bernstein helps clients reach mutually satisfactory decisions based on the choices they make together.  She encourages the parties to focus on their child’s needs and interests when creating durable custody and parental access agreements.  She acts as a neutral third party, providing a comfortable environment where clients can work together in a series of out-of-court negotiation sessions to shape their future.  She works with divorcing parties and their lawyers as they discuss parameters for their divorce—such as property division and child custody—and, at the end of the mediation process, can help create an agreement tailored specifically to their circumstances.  This agreement can then be used to finalize their divorce.

Ms. Bernstein Has been qualified by the New York State Office of Court Administration to mediate child custody cases in New York City family courts.

Collaborative divorce law

Like mediation, collaborative divorce proceedings give divorcing couples the opportunity to negotiate their divorce settlements in an out-of-court setting.  Helene Bernstein has the legal background and knowledge needed to act as your attorney in a collaborative divorce environment.  She attends negotiation settlements with clients, ensuring their wishes are appropriately presented and protected throughout all meetings.

Collaborative divorce law involves certain characteristics unique to this process:

  • A Participation Agreement bars the attorneys from ever representing their clients in court should the collaborative divorce sessions fail
  • Parties agree to remain courteous, respectful, and act in good faith
  • Parties agree to disclose all relevant information
  • Parties agree not to use legal mistakes against one another during the negotiation process
  • Experts engaged to render their opinions must be hired by both parties and remain neutral at all times

You can read more about collaborative law and the benefits of mediation on our frequently asked questions page.

Reach out to the Law and Mediation Office of Helene Bernstein, PLLC

Helene Bernstein is here to help if you are interested in exploring the benefits of mediation or collaborative divorce law when separating from your spouse.  Ms. Bernstein keeps flexible office hours to better suit your busy schedule and accepts credit cards for payments.

Located in Brooklyn, the Law and Mediation Office of Helene Bernstein, PLLC serves clients in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Reach out to the law firm online to schedule a consultation with Ms. Bernstein.

Helene gives a talk on the Benefits of Mediation to Business Networking International on April 23, 2014

Helene gives a talk on the Benefits of Mediation to Business Networking International on April 23, 2014

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